• The workshop was clearly articulated and well taught. We learned some of the basic techniques as Olga guided us through scenarios we might find ourselves in some day. An enjoyable, informative and well delivered workshop that gave us a little taster and insight into the principles of Krav Maga, while actively practicing them with each other.

    – Anja Meinhardt, Director of Justice in Motion


    We believe that anyone can benefit from learning self-defence. However, we understand that Oxford is a busy place, and not everyone can commit to regular training.

    For this reason, we offer stand-alone self-defence workshops in addition to our regular classes. Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours and covers how to detect and avoid dangerous situations, de-escalate confrontations, and carry yourself with confidence. We will also teach some more physical techniques. However, we want to make the workshop work for you, and are very open to suggestions if you have special requests. In particular, we are very happy to run a series of workshops over the course of a term/year if you feel that one is not enough. Past workshops that we ran for Oxford colleges and community groups were very well received.

    Please email us at oukokrav@gmail.com if you’d like us to run a workshop for your group (college, faculty, JCR, MCR, society, etc.) or for more information. We will then arrange to meet you to discuss details.

    Past self-defence workshops

    • Balliol college women’s self-defence workshop  |  November 2017
    • Lincoln and Oriel college women’s self-defence workshop  |  January 2017
    • Balliol college women’s self-defence workshop  |  October 2016
    • St Cross college women’s self-defence workshop  |  May 2016
    • Department of Oncology women’s self-defence workshop  |  February 2016
    • Charity self-defence workshop to raise money for VSO International  |  May 2015
    • Self-defence workshop as part of the Justice in Motion in.motion series  |  April 2015
    • Brasenose college self-defence workshop  |  February 2014
    • Mansfield college self-defence workshop  |  February 2013
    • Balliol college self-defence workshop  |  February 2013