• Our twice-weekly classes for anyone, at any level. Learn a range of self-defence techniques, and interpersonal skills to maximise your safety.

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  • Not everyone has time to commit to regular training. Book a one-off self-defence workshop for your group, and let us tailor the content to fit YOU.

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    • Krav Maga – Learn effective self-defence

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      Iffley Rugby Fives court



      Iffley Cricket School


      Welcome to Oxford University K.O. Krav. We teach Krav Maga, a modern martial art developed in Israel. It focuses on practical self-defence, and its effectiveness has been shown in military and law enforcement applications, as well as its use by civilians. Benefits of Krav Maga include:

      • Simple techniques, adaptable to any body type
      • Learn defence against real-life situations
      • A focus on both physical and verbal skills
      • Improved physical fitness
      • A friendly and ego-free culture

      Why train with us?

      We know that violence comes in many different forms, and we teach a range of skills to help you keep yourself safe. We teach various strikes, locks, disarms, takedown techniques, as well as verbal skills. The techniques do not rely on strength, which means that smaller people have an improved chance of fending off larger attackers.

      In training, you will quickly realize that in a real-life violent attack, the target is at a disadvantage. You will learn skills to deal with attacks from multiple and/or armed assailants. From the beginning, we teach defence against knives, sticks, broken bottles, and guns – unfortunately a very real threat in some places.

      To help you better understand the nature of violence, we often play out common dangerous situations in class. This teaches you to be aware of your surroundings, carry yourself with confidence, and defuse confrontations.

      Despite the serious nature of the training, our club is friendly and welcoming to new students. Our Committee runs several social events every term. We’ve also organised the first ever Krav competition against our sister club in London, and will hold more competitions in the future.

      So come along for a trial class, or sign up to our mailing list for updates!